Between tradition and future

WREDE Industrieholding combines the industrial activities of the Wrede family of entrepreneurs. Since its foundation in 1880, the WREDE Group has undergone a continuous transformation and successfully adapted to new market conditions. The name Wrede stands for a typical German medium-sized company headquartered in Arnsberg with three consecutive success stories:

  • Founded in 1880 in Niederbergheim an der Möhne, later located in Hüsten as a sawmill and plywood plant.
  • From 1958 with stormy growth as a DUROpal plant and later from 1968 in the Arnsberg industrial area "Große Wiese".
  • Since 1982 with an organizational and strategic repositioning due to the foundation and implementation of the concept of a holding.
  • From 2018 with the groundbreaking decision of the family to sell all industrial activities of the group.

In the more than 139 years of its history, the Wrede Group has constantly reinvented itself and successfully adapted to market conditions. This was possible because every generation accepted the entrepreneurial challenges with new ideas and concepts. Now the next period of success is in the hands of the 5th generation.